Sunday, 17 August 2014

More Hyperion W-Space Changes

On Friday CCP Masterplan posted on the EVE Online forums with news that as of the latest update on Singularity, wormhole signature IDs would no-longer reset at downtime.

To those who aren't denizens of wormhole space, this might sound like an insignificant change, but it will have a massive impact on Australian time-zone pilots and will be a significant quality of life improvement for all wormhole inhabitants.

For pilots in the Australian time-zone, the EVE server's downtime is right in the middle of their prime playtime (this can be dependent on daylight savings time). This currently means that in wormhole space, any signatures that have been scanned at the start of prime time will have their signatures invalidated half way through many player's gaming sessions. Although there are some discernible patterns for the signature ID changes, it is not always obvious, and so the change in signatures at downtime means having to update bookmarks and chain mapping tools or risk pilots getting confused.

For the wider wormhole community, this change won't be quite as significant, but will still be very welcome. At the moment the first thing that anyone does when logging on is to verify the signatures in their home system; updating the old bookmarks with new signature IDs and bookmaking any new signatures that have spawned. With signature IDs persisting over downtime this housekeeping task will no longer need to be carried out, saving time for hundreds of players and making it that little bit less onerous to be the first pilot online.

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