Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Your First Wormhole: Overview

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm kicking off a new series of entries that look at what wormhole might be a good fit for your corporation and what your goals within EVE are. This is a quick overview of the posts that are going to make up the series.

Wormhole Space Gameplay; a look at the various types of gameplay that the idiosyncrasies of wormhole space help enable, and those that are significantly more difficult than in k-space. If you're not in wormhole space at the moment, or you're looking for a bit of a shake up from what you're currently doing, this should give you an overview of what's possible. It should also give you an idea of whether wormhole space is 'for you' or if an alternative area of the game might suit your playstyle more closely.

System Selection; an investigation of the different classes of wormhole system and the different effects that they can have. This will include looking at the different statics that wormholes provide and which selections of system, effect and static links are best for which types of gameplay.

Ship Types; an overview of the ship types that are most useful in wormhole space, some skill plans to get into them, and where short cuts with skill training can and can't safely be taken.

Player Owned Stations; the central part of living in wormhole space is the POS for the vast majority of inhabitants. This will look at fuel production, POS placement, permissions and security, defending your POS and a few gotchas that can catch out people who haven't experimented with player owned stations before.

Doctrines; a look at some of the more typical fleet doctrines you are likely to run into in wormhole space, and how you should look at putting your own together.

Finding or Buying Your Wormhole; determining whether buying or searching for your wormhole is for you, the best way of conducting a search, and how wormhole purchases and brokering work.

Move Day; how to go about getting your pilots and ships into your wormhole system and deploying your POS(es).

Any suggestions for post topics will be gratefully taken on board

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