Thursday, 12 July 2012

You've got to assume it's a trap - it's EVE

While scouting a wormhole yesterday looking for targets a Caracal appeared on my directional scanner. No cans suggesting Ladar or Grav site running. No wrecks appearing suggesting that it was running a site - I'm not sure I'd want to in a Caracal anyway. I made the call on comms that it was likely abandoned and scanned it down. I moved the probes away rapidly in case it was manned, then got some backup ready, in case it was a trap. I warped at 10km... nothing. In came the pilot who was to fly it off, landed next to it in a pod... nothing. It was boarded, and we returned to base.

Sometimes, even in EVE, even in wormholes in EVE, things are exactly as they seem

The fit was pretty terrible, with two bizzare rigs fitted to a combo mining-and-missiles fit, with nothing in the cargo hold and a tech 1 shield tank. So I flew it back to high sec and contracted it to it's original owner for 500k. We'll see if he comes to pick it up.