Monday 9 February 2015

2015-02 Sitrep

I thought it was worth posting an update as there hasn't been a content post on the blog for a while.

There are a few pieces currently undergoing work, but my game play in EVE has changed significantly since I started on this blogging project. With the changes to random or 'wandering' wormholes in Hyperion, the number of links that we were seeing in our new C4 home system with a static C2 and C3 link was just too large for our corporation to handle. We were frequently seeing five or more inbound links a night, and were frequently getting linked into by larger wormhole corporations that we did not have the manpower or ISK to take on directly.

As a result we decided to move out of our C4 and try life in a C3 with a static low-sec link. The good news was that with our reduced numbers this let us run sites without putting too much on the line, and the presence of null-sec quality data and relic sites allowed our newer pilots to still have a reasonable income. All credit to where it is due to Corbexx for helping get the blue loot income increase and null-sec sites into lower class systems!

However, even inside our Class 3 system we had a number of evenings where we had ten (or greater!) links into and out of the system, and the low-sec static link failed to provide consistent roaming opportunities. Aridia was not a good hunting ground for us. Faction warfare space, however, seemed to be providing consistent and interesting PvP opportunities.

As a result, we have decided to move out of our wormhole and give Faction Warfare a try. I'll probably start a series of posts on the blog charting our movement into Faction Warfare, but will continue adding wormhole-related posts as I finish them.

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